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Silver Sapphire Music - A Union of Beautiful Voices and Uniquely Stunning Musical Arrangements Created by Chelsea Brooke & Todd Thatcher. Our desire is to create Inspirational & Moving Vocals and Unique Musical Arrangements.


As Independent Artists, Direct Support and Patreon are  great ways for you to be a part of our music & video productions, by adding to the means for us to afford the resources needed to produce beautiful & professional music and videos.  As a contributor, your donation will have a huge impact on the time we will be able to spend on creating and producing our music & music videos.


Your support will also help with expenses by giving us the ability to pay for  quality cinematographers & crews, production & editing, musicians, instrumentalists, dancers, buying & renting film equipment, recording & sound equipment, venue  & location, fees, props, hair & makeup, wardrobe, travel and even food for the  crew.


Your assistance as a Contributor or Patron will significantly help the development of our Music in so many ways.  Every little bit helps.  You choose the amount you want to contribute. 


We appreciate your assistance in furthering our desire and passion to create beautifully unique arrangements to share with you and the world. 


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