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Chelsea Brooke’s breakout studio album, A New Day Begins, is proof that not everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. In a world that has become satiated with the buffet-style predictability of pop music, her music is food for the soul, appealing to both the intellect and the heart. Chelsea’s timeless, hypnotic melodies and heart-warming lyrics transport you from the doldrums of everyday life to a realm of endless possibilities where hope still rules the day. Her eclectic style appeals to a range of listeners from Main Street to Broadway, with a freshness that reinvigorates and enlivens the soul. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance, and then you will pick up the phone and tell someone that you love them.


No stranger to pain and sorrow, Chelsea has learned to use the emotions from broken relationships, challenges, and trials in her life to fuel her creative spark. She has transformed deeply challenging feelings into music that helps the soul take a deep breath and let go of what ails it – as demonstrated in her songs, “Through My Eyes,” “Show Me the Way,” and “Blue Skies.” However, songwriting is not her only success in this endeavor. In fact, she excels in the art of film scoring by creating haunting themes and lush harmonies to effectively communicate with others. She developed such skills while attending Brigham Young University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Music Studies. As a result, she recently won the award for “Best Original Soundtrack” in the 2018 Miami International Cinefest for the student production, “Arthur Weatherby”. This and other projects have given her invaluable experience in working with directors, producers, sound mixers, and exploring her talents in orchestration and composition. Her new age, instrumental musical styles and themes, draw you into the story, making it come to life. She shows tremendous promise and potential and her work is powerfully influenced by composers like Hanz Zimmer, James Horner, and Thomas Newman.


Chelsea loves working in an environment where she gets to collaborate with other talented people in the media industry and is incredibly efficient. It is not an unusual sight to see her working late into the night, because these projects aren’t work to her – they are pure creation. Chelsea is always singing or composing, turning everyday events into singular, lyrical experiences. Her performing skills have expanded beyond piano into guitar, ukulele, and other instruments as she continues to perform with other local artists in the greater Las Vegas area.


Chelsea is always seeking new opportunities to grow and expand her talents in the music business. She is currently working i with local singer and colleague, Todd Thatcher, working as a duo on various music projects under the name, Silver Sapphire Music. They met in the winter of 2017, while Chelsea was working as the Musical Director of Signature Productions’ 90-minute concert, “A Signature Christmas”. Together, they are resurrecting old classics and combining them with current hit songs, as heard in their medleys like, “We’ve Only Just Begun/All of Me/Without You” and “Smile/La Vie en Rose”.  Their unique approach to romantic ballads and reverent hymns captivates audiences from the Gen-Z era to those in their Golden Years.


Chelsea Brooke stands out not only as a talented musician, but also through her contagious smile and wholesome demeanor, which draws you to her. Her passion for life and music is driven by her uncanny ability to due diligence and chase her dreams. She is succeeding to follow her heart and puts all her energy into everything she does. She has a voice of an angel, a heart of gold, and fingers that bring music to life through her virtuosic piano and composition skills. You can’t help but love her!  


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